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Big Data a Big Topic at RTP 180

Big Data proved to be a topic of great interest when RTP 180 convened for its August event. Held monthly at RTP headquarters in Durham, NC, RTP 180 brings in 4-6 speakers from UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, NC State University, and companies in the RTP region to share the stage and speak briefly around a theme.

The Big Data-themed event attracted about 300 people to the RTP conference center on Aug. 23 for thought-provoking discussion fueled by a meal of local barbeque and local beer. Among the speakers was Blair Sullivan, PhD, a faculty member in the NC State computer science department and an NCDS Data Science Faculty Fellow. Sullivan’s topic, Bringing Theory to the Real World, was closely related to her Faculty Fellows research, which focuses on improving analysis of graph data.

Also participating in the event was Tim Gabel, executive vice president of social, statistical, and environmental sciences at RTI International, another NCDS member organization. Gabel’s topic was Using Big Data Manage Knowledge…About Knowledge. NCDS member UNC-Chapel Hill was well represented at the event, with talks by Rebecca Tippett, director of Carolina Demography at the Carolina Population Center, and Hye-Chung Kum, an adjunct associate professor in the computer science department and full-time associate professor at Texas A & M University. Other speakers were Bryce Gartner, icimo, and Vivek Ranjan, Metlife.

RTP 180 consists of a series of lively, five-minute presentations from a panel of experts on a topic that matters to them. They are held on the third Thursday of every month, are free and open to the public, and always include food and local brews. For more information, see .

View the individual presentations or the entire RTP 180 on Big Data at the RTP YouTube site.

Click here to Download RTP 180 – Balir Sullivan Slides