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iRODS to celebrate banner year at 2015 User Group Meeting

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Users from around the globe who use iRODS, the open source data management platform now developed at RENCI and sustained through the iRODS Consortium, will meet in Chapel Hill June 10 and 11 for the 2015 iRODS User Group Meeting (UGM).

The UGM is an annual opportunity for iRODS users and developers to discuss iRODS-enabled applications and discoveries, technologies developed around iRODS, and future development and sustainability of iRODS and the iRODS Consortium.

This year, the UGM program will feature over 20 presentations from the user community and the core development team, including product announcements, use case presentations, live demonstrations, and open discussions about requested iRODS features.

The meeting will be the first UGM hosted by the iRODS Consortium, a membership-based foundation organized to sustain iRODS, and will also include a one-day training session on the soon-to-be-released iRODS 4.1.

Participants in the training session will walk away with the ability to: 1) design an iRODS deployment, 2) install iRODS, 3) configure iRODS to the design’s specifications, 4) and use iRODS to retrieve and upload data, search for data, and develop workflows.

“Our users have been managing petabytes of data with iRODS since before most people were even contemplating a petabyte,” said Dan Bedard, Interim Executive Director of the iRODS Consortium. “The 2015 User Group Meeting will be impressive, to say the least. We have had a banner year: iRODS 4.1 will be more usable and reliable than iRODS has ever been. The iRODS Consortium has more than doubled in membership, with new members including IBM, Seagate, and NASA. And with our growing user and developer community, there will be several third-party product announcements at this year’s meeting. You definitely won’t want to miss this year’s meeting.”

The iRODS UGM will be held at the William and Ida Friday Center near the University of North Carolina campus. To learn more or to register, visit the website or contact Bonnie Hurst at bonniep@renci.org .