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mHealth Workshop Call for Proposals

 Applications due April 7, 2017

mHealth Workshop: May 15-16
Translational Data Analytics for Environmental Health:
Sensors, Algorithms, and Patients

The South Big Data Innovation Hub (SBDH), in collaboration with the National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS), will convene a workshop on May 15-16 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to identify and prioritize research challenges in data science cyberinfrastucture (CI) to enable mobile health (mHealth) applications to address environmental health and related healthcare challenges in the southern United States.

By harnessing the power of individuals and engaging them in monitoring and managing their own health, and by generating health monitoring data from large populations, new wireless, connected, and mHealth technologies have the potential to improve healthcare and lower costs. Yet many data challenges—including characterization of reliability, privacy, and integration—must be addressed before we can take full advantage of these approaches. Early uses of mHealth devices have raised a number of questions, including, for example:

  • How reliable are data from wearable devices?
  • How do we fuse differing or contradictory data to make an improved estimate (e.g. activity from the phone and a wrist-worn activity device)?
  • How can data from important sources like cell phones, social media sites, environmental monitoring, and EMS and crime reporting be integrated for a fuller picture of a patient’s environment and behavior?
  • Who owns patient-specific data and what are the policy implications around access and use?
  • How do we evaluate the impacts of mHealth-based interventions?
  • How can industry-academia partnerships be structured to accelerate the adoption of mHealth advances?

The realization of mHealth’s potential will require the ability to transform the raw data produced by mHealth devices and systems into beneficial, actionable intelligence that guides behavior and minimizes harmful consequences. This in turn requires a robust data science CI for mHealth applications. The proposed workshop will bring together an interdisciplinary group of experts to understand the requirements, architectures, and approaches for mHealth CI. The workshop will explore existing research to understand: What is the state of the art in mHealth CI? How do these architectures deal with potential roadblocks, such as privacy, security, and ethics?

The South Hub would like to invite graduate students interested in mHealth to apply to participate in the workshop.

Eligibility: Students should be pursuing advanced degrees in data science, mobile health technologies, relevant domain science, or healthcare. 

Financial Stipend: The South Hub will cover the actual cost of travel, hotel, and food during the two-day workshop, as per UNC-CH guidelines.

Application Process: Students can apply by submitting a 1-page position paper, no more than 500 words/3000 characters, addressing the question of what are the priority research challenges in the mHealth space. Please also provide your name, degree program, university, email address, phone number, as well as your graduate adviser’s name and contact information.

Papers should be submitted using the application form below by April 7, 2017 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Up to three graduate students will be selected based on peer review of the submitted position papers. Applicants will be notified by April 14, 2017.

Requirements: Graduate students will be asked to take notes during the workshop and write blog posts for the South Big Data Hub blog providing their perspectives on the workshop theme and outcomes.


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