NCDS DataBytes Webinar Series: Mapping and Visualization of Coastal Flood Forecasts for Decision Support

Storm surge models must be both fast and accurate to give coastal communities the guidance they need to prepare for and respond to a storm. Perhaps just as important is the need for these forecasts to be visualized in a way that is meaningful and useable by emergency managers. In North Carolina, forecasts are generated by a model called ADCIRC and are currently visualized using a Python script that converts the model output into formats compatible with commonly-used visualization applications such as ArcGIS and Google Earth.

In this webinar, Dietrich will highlight the work his team has done in developing a new visualization method that makes use of enhanced topographic resolution along the flooding boundary. The team uses geospatial modeling techniques to process large datasets and provide guidance quickly during storms. The new method results in modeled storm surge extending farther into estuaries and floodplains, increasing the accuracy of the forecast. This new and improved guidance is being shared with North Carolina Emergency Management during the 2017 hurricane season.