Internet of Things (IoT) -Completed in 2015

Problem Statement

The convergence of wireless communication, sensor technology, and computer power has created excitement for a future where not only do computers and people interact but any object can be fitted to capture event data and transmit information to other objects, to computers, or to people for processing. The commercial opportunities for this “revolution” are many, as are the challenges of managing the data it creates.

Many companies and organizations have started large programs to create products and solutions around IoT, and many conferences and events are being organized around the world on the topic; however, we believe that a systematic understanding of the underlying science and technology for IoT and the data it creates is still not available.


The NCDS IoT Working Group held a series of three workshops on the IoT to understand the current state of practice, engage with private and public organizations working in IoT, and identify opportunities and open questions in this area. The working group’s final product was a white paper highlighting the challenges and potential opportunities of the IoT revolution for the larger field of data science. Read the white paper here.