The goal of DataBytes is to share developments or new perspectives in the field of data science. These events often highlight work happening in industry to provide a pathway to connect industry with academia. We ask that presenters refrain from offering explicit sales or collaborative opportunities during or after the event. NCDS enjoys a close relationship with many higher education institutions, and we facilitate connections based on mutual interest. The NCDS offers other opportunities to provide thought leadership in a variety of platforms, please reach out to Amanda C. Miller to discuss this further or click below to navigate to the interest form.

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DataBytes Events | 2023

Data ethics is a growing concern in all industries, especially as issues such as algorithmic bias, informed consent, and privacy become more nuanced. Additionally, with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools gaining traction at a rapid speed, it is more imperative than ever that organizations establish strong ethical guidelines around the data collected from client projects, research endeavors, and business affairs. Anisha Nadkarni, Data Ethics Officer at Randstad Global, walks us through a day in the life of a data ethicist, with a Q&A session with Nadkarni at the end of the meeting.

Visualizations allow people to readily analyze and communicate data. However, many common visualization designs lead to engaging imagery but false conclusions. By understanding what people see when they look at a visualization, we can design visualizations that support more accurate data analysis and avoid unnecessary biases. UNC Computer Science Assistant Professor Danielle Szafir walks us through best practices in data visualization and analysis, with a Q&A session with Dr. Szafir at the end of the meeting. View a recording of the event here.