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Shaping a data literate workforce is critical to our efforts at NCDS. Through two signature events, our Career Panel and the Career Networking Event, we provide job and internship seekers with pathways to find opportunities that inspire and challenge. We offer learning opportunities online throughout the year to bolster these efforts. We hope to see you at our next event.

From time to time, programs and workshops that are pushing the needle forward in data literacy come to our attention. We do not hesitate to provide support through a variety of channels, ranging from promotion and planning to cash sponsorship. A common element for these opportunities is that something beyond the life of the event is developed as a result of our participation.

Analyzing Data Science Careers
Career Panel

The NCDS hosts an annual career panel where data science professionals provide insight into what it takes to capture the attention of top recruiters in data science and data analytics. Our panelists often represent a variety of career stages and come ready to discuss what it takes to set yourself apart as you launch your career search. We strive to host panelists that represent diverse industries and career paths to provide attendees with a wide swath of options to consider. Recent panelists have represented companies such as Google, IQVIA, Bain and Co, Wake County, SAS, Advance Auto, RTI, UNC Healthcare, Amazon, and Twitter Cortex.

We began hosting our Fall Career Panel online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then we have experienced exponential growth in student attendance at the event. Registrants have attended from 22 states and two U.S. territories, as well as Canada, India, and Germany. Majors represented include: Data Science, Statistics, Statistics and Analytics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biostatistics.

Upcoming Events:

Past Career Panel Events:

2023 NCDS Spring Career Panel: Analyzing Data Science Careers

April 13, 2023

Data science professionals provided insight into what it takes to capture the attention of top recruiters in data science and data analytics. Our panelists represented a variety of career stages and discussed what it takes to set yourself apart as you launch your career search.

Speakers included:

  • Bradley Doll | Data Science Manager at Spotify: Brad leads a data science team at Spotify working to develop data analysis products for advertisers. Trained as a cognitive neuroscientist, Brad transitioned from academia to industry to set up a data science practice at The Daily Beast prior to joining Spotify in 2019.
  • Alice Fortune-Britt, PhD | Manager, Medicare Stars at Blue Cross NC: Alice is a health services researcher by training (Health Policy and Management, Gillings School of Global Public Health). After working briefly in academia, she started at BlueCrossNC as a Data Scientist and transitioned to a Senior Strategic Advisor. In her current role as Manager of Medicare Stars, she is responsible for strategy, performance monitoring, and analytic insights to improve member experience and health outcomes.
  • Uthra Ramanujam | Sr Director, Data Science-Liberty Specialty Markets at Liberty Mutual Insurance: Uthra Ramanujam is the Senior Director of Data science and advanced analytics at Liberty Mutual and supports Liberty specialty markets globally where she leads a team of data scientists and product managers delivering innovative solutions across the insurance value chain. Prior to that she was the VP of Strategic tech research at StateAuto Insurance in Columbus,OH where she lead a similar team delivering business capabilities using ML/AI and Blockchain and other cutting edge tech . Before State auto she was an Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase & Co. leading the Machine Learning and Emerging Technology Group, which supports Consumer Operations. She has a passion for mentoring and teaching technology and teaches data mining and python programming part time at THE Ohio State University and UC Berkeley.
  • Michael Taffe | Data Reporter at FT Specialist: Michael Taffe is a D.C.-based data reporter for two of the Financial Times’ industry publications, FundFire and Financial Advisor IQ, covering institutional investors and asset managers. In this role, he reports on the growing role that large money managers play in affecting public policy and the financial services industry as a whole. He studied statistics and economics at UNC-Chapel Hill and has previously reported on campaign finance and higher education in North Carolina.

2022 NCDS Fall Career Panel: Analyzing Data Science Careers

October 19, 2022

We convened approximately 200 students from across the country in October for a virtual career panel featuring speakers from Google, Bain and Co., and IQVIA. Panelists represented a variety of career stages and discussed what it takes to set yourself apart as you launch your career search, including:

  • What programming languages are in demand now
  • Unexpected ways to promote your experience
  • What experiences you should gain early in your career

View a recording of the event here. This lively Q&A session was moderated by Dr. Deborah Stroman.

From Outlier to Insider
Networking Event

The NCDS hosts an annual networking event for students interested in careers in analytics and data science. Attendees have the opportunity for one-on-one conversations with employers seeking their skill set, project experience, and motivation to drive innovation in data science and data analytics. Employers who attend the networking event will have the chance to interact with and potentially recruit top-tier analytics and data science talent.

Our spring networking event moved online during the pandemic, and drew attendees from across the country. While we are still determining the best venue in 2023, we look forward to connecting students with companies who are driving data science innovation forward.

Over the last several years, companies represented have included Volvo Financial, Medical University of South Carolina, CISCO, Noonum, Brandeis University, SAS, Catalog DNA, and LexisNexis.